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This Summer, we received many inquiries in regard to pools. Today's blog is going to be more informational for those of you thinking about acquiring an above ground pool or building an in-ground pool.

I cannot stress enough the importance of following these guidelines/rules/codes, from the county/state of Florida. They are put in effect for the safety of your home and those around you!


PERMITS ARE NEEDED!!!!! Pools that are 24 inches/2 feet deep or more require a pool permit.

Permits are a collection of proper inspections to be completed to ensure safety measures. Constructing a pool without a permit can lead to thousands of dollars in fines from your county or the removal of your pool completely! LET'S AVOID ALL OF THAT AND DO THINGS CORRECTLY THE FIRST TIME!

Keep in mind, that all pools, whether they are above ground or in-ground, need live electricity ran to the house! Pools may also need decks or fences as well. THESE ALL NEED PERMITS TOO!

So you see, there's a lot to know when considering a pool. Here in SWFL pools are certainly useful and a hot commodity. That's where I come in to help! If you have hired a contractor to build your pool, then they may pull permits on their own. I can help pull these permits if needed with your contractor. If your handy and building a pool yourself, again, I am here to help you!

Below is a link to a PowerPoint Presentation (I do not own rights to this presentation) that has pages of useful information you can read more on for serious inquiries. Feel free to reach out for any questions you may have. Let HK take this headache away from you!!!

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