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What is a notary and why are notaries needed?

A notary is a vital detail in many legal documents. Having a notary helps to prevent document fraud such as, inaccurate information or identity theft. The role of a legal notary is to screen a signer and their witnesses, of their identity, willingness, and awareness to sign an important document. A notary is basically a documented administrative oath!

Notaries are needed DAILY!

Sometimes it is more convenient to have a mobile or remote online notary (RON). This allows clients to get their documents signed in a more timely manner from the comfort of their own home or workplace.

HK does it all! We are mobile and available remotely or we can schedule to meet in person if you prefer! We sign any and all documents you may need! Let us know what you need signed today!!

Side note: We are also certified signing agents for real estate closings; loan documents for banks, title agencies, etc.

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