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We want to welcome all of our seasonal residents back home this Winter season! We hope you enjoy Florida's beautiful weather while you are here and all of the local festivities that our area has to offer! We also hope that your return home was comfortable and everything you hoped it would be!

Our goal is for you to be able to enjoy your home away from home and enjoy your time spent here in Florida with friends and family making memories, not having to worry about all of the hassles that life can surprise you with.

HK has proudly taken on new clients from all over the world with our Home Watch Services! What makes HK's Home Watch Services stand out the most, is all of our extra concierge services we have to offer! We understand that the time is limited for your visit, take advantage of the extra help we can offer you with our services. Traveling is stressful enough!

Let HK become a part of your family! We care about you and your home!

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