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"When Life Brings Storms, Weather Them Together"




Take a look at the photos above, that I personally have taken throughout my years of living in beautiful SWFL. Although our weather here isn't always "beautiful", its rather unpredictable. Some of the photos above are from our everyday storms, others are aftermath of the two most recent hurricanes we have had to witness, Hurricane Irma (2017) and Hurricane Ian (2022). These were just TWO of the several hurricanes that have made such a huge impact here as Florida residents.

Now, with that in mind, we want to be better prepared! HK has services that can help!

To begin with, there's such a wide range of how permits can help make this possible for you, more specifically, when it comes to your home or business's roof. Let's also keep in mind any important documents you may need prepared before a devastating storm as a safety net for the "just in case". That's where our notary and signing agent services can come in handy. Last but not least, our newest service, Home Watch, will benefit our seasonal residents or our vacationers during these times (more details on Home Watch services to come). HURRICANE SEASON IS UPON US! Don't wait until the last minute! HK is here for you and our community!

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