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Wedding day, is the day that every bride dreams of as a little girl. It can also be a very stressful time with planning the most perfect ceremony to celebrate the new love between a bride and groom. While some brides choose to have a traditional wedding at a church, others may decide to celebrate in their own way at a venue or even in a beautiful backyard or beach.

Regardless of where you choose to celebrate, you need a trusted, experienced, professional, officiant to bring the couple together as one. You know, the person who leads the ceremony, and reads the vows to the bride and groom when you make this forever promise, ending in the words "I DO".

Why is it important to hire an officiant? They are what makes your marriage legal! They can also help take some pressure off some of the planning for the big day by helping with the writing of the vows for the bride and groom. They will know all the right questions to ask to make the ceremony more personal to the relationship of the bride and groom.

How do you know you have chosen the right officiant? Often times, this person is a non-denominational or non-religious individual. Also, you want someone who is open to special accommodations and/or requests to create the most perfect ceremony. The officiant should keep in touch for months prior to the wedding day with the bride and groom so open and prompt communication is key. This individual should present themselves respectfully, be comprehensible vocally, and down-to-earth in any social settings making all guests feel comfortable and welcomed.

And so, let the adventure begin! Happily ever after can begin now, with us here at HK, as your personal wedding officiant! Available through all seasons, let me celebrate with you, FOR YOU! I am just a call, text or email away!

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